Join the fight to do what is right!

Shift the paradigm to bring an end to child trafficking, abuse, neglect and victimization.

Participate in our mission to mend little hearts and help us continue creating a better tomorrow for our children.


To shift the paradigm to put an end to human trafficking, slavery, physical, mental and sexual abuse. 

2,000 Children go missing PER DAY in America at a minimum. This is completely unacceptable and we are shining a light on this evil injustice.


Our mission is to assist, rescue, and protect as many children as possible from all forms of abuse, neglect, abandonment and trafficking. We are determined to put a stop to the evil that has gone on for too long.


L.Vigil Foundation is partnered with Influx Integrative to take action in the fight against human trafficking, slavery & child abuse.

Our goal is to create a ripple effect, help to be the voice for the voiceless, provide community education,  aftercare supplies for victims & integrative wellness resources.

Together, we are growing a grassroots movement to shift the paradigm and save our children. 

How to Make a Difference

L. Vigil Foundation Direct Donation

Make an impact by donating directly to the foundation. With your donation, we will build a box for the children who are involved in our partnering organizations. 

We provide aftercare products for children like new clothes, toys, toiletries and personal care items. The products are packed with care and hand delivered to the our partners. 


donation box

Clothes for Care

Show support, spread the message with some of our merchandise! The funds from our merchandise line help us to provide care packages for victims at local aftercare centers.

The funds from our merchandise helps us to build aftercare boxes that have products for children like new clothes, toys, toiletries and personal care items. 



Currently, we are partnered with the following organizations:

Everyday blessings in Lithia, Florida 

5th Gear Fitness  in Lithia Florida

A Kid’s Place of Tampa Bay, in Brandon Florida  

Past Donation Partners:

Shelter, Inc. in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

It was like Christmas came early for the kids when they got back from their first day at school‼️🏫 🚌 🍎 ✨BIG✨ thanks to Latoya L Vigil foundation for coordinating and everyone at 5Th Gear Fitness who gifted clothes & essentials and wrapped them up so nice 🛍🎁 for each child! They had so much fun opening their goodies & showing off their new outfits!! 👚🎁👖🛍👕
Everyday Blessings



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