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Lacy's transformation : 2008 VS 2018

I know what it is like to be sick and tired of my own sh*t.  I had to break the cycle of giving in to my impulses. 

Life is full of obstacles, chaos, and changes. These challenges become an excuse to avoid self-care.

A wise woman once said to me:

“How do you want to show up in the world?”

Make the decision to show up for yourself and change your story. 

YOU are worth the effort to overcome the challenges. You just need to make yourself a priority.

During your program, we will focus on lifestyle intervention, mental toughness, & management of healthy routines. 

Together, we will develop a routine that works best to meet your goals. 

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You are worth it!  


My Story


Hello, Seeker!

My name is Lacy Watson, Integrative Wellness Coach & Consultant.

I am very passionate about integrative health, mental wellness, medical freedom & spiritual study. 

 For over a decade, I worked in Naturopathic primary care as an office manager, medical assistant & health coach. 

In March of 2020, I made a decision to walk away from a career I LOVED to follow my heart, heal, and re-evaluate my future. It was the break that I needed to get refocused to invest in my own gifts as a healer.

I was born and raised in Wyoming, with a good Christian middle-class family. As a teenager, I was rebellious, wild, and had a drug problem. I ended up in rehab during my senior year. With the help of my family, I graduated high school, but by the time I was 18, I was sitting in a jail cell.

I was on the road to nowhere fast and my only saving grace was my family’s prayers. 

I relapsed, started partying again and I got married for the first time at age 20. My ex and I moved to Washington state the day after our wedding to start a new life.

 I was working in fast food at Arby’s when I started college. I remember being fed up with my lifestyle and ready for a change. At the time I ate nothing but fast food,  partied all the time, and smoked like a train. 

Had I continued that lifestyle I am sure I would be fat, sick, and nearly dead.

 Fast forward to college, I fell in love with medicine. I started out as a nursing assistant with aspirations to become an RN. To get my feet wet, I found a work-study position at the college for a medical clinic. They sent me to an integrative naturopathic family medical center.

For two years, I worked towards my medical assistant certification and worked three jobs. I cleaned a bed and breakfast in the morning, went to class, worked at the naturopathic clinic, grabbed dinner, and then finished my days working in-home care for the elderly. I continued this until I graduated. 

Upon my graduation, I was offered a full-time position with the clinic as the office manager. I accepted this role but still wanted to learn more about wellness, so I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. 

I changed my lifestyle completely, switching to whole foods and cutting out inflammatory foods like gluten. I started to exercise, doing yoga, meditating, taking supplements, and learned all about herbalism.

 I lost 35 pounds during this time, I felt like a new person! 

All of this caused tension in my relationship with my ex since he was still lost in the party life. We ended up getting a divorce and he moved back to Wyoming.

It was a big moment for me, it was kind of scary in the beginning. I was on my own for the first time in my adult life and had to learn to survive myself. I  had no family living in the area, anyone who really cared about me lived miles away. My friends helped me through this difficult time, teaching me the meaning of community. 

One of those friends is now my husband, and I have never known a better friend. We have walked through the most earth-shattering moments together, somehow stronger and continually growing.

The moment that changed my life forever, February 2017, one of my brothers, Hunter, took his own life. He was few months away from graduating high school with his identical twin brother. We had just celebrated Hunter’s 1-year anniversary of recovering from stage 4 cancer.

Absolutely heartbreaking.

This tragedy broke me down, pissed me off, pretty much threw me through a life loop. This event was followed up by three more shocking tragedies, leaving me to grieve the loss of people I loved dearly. If things were not difficult enough I sustained a life-altering back injury. These changes impacted me greatly, more tragedies followed and my faith was put to the test. 

March of 2020 changed every life in America with the shutdown, including mine. Instead of continuing to hide my pain among the chaos, I had an opportunity to make a change.

I took a leave of absence from my career as a servant in naturopathic medicine and focused on myself.

During my time away from a day job, I learned the value of healing thy self – changing my life forever. I applied the tools I have learned as a health coach to myself, experimenting with different routines and finding what works best for me. 

It used to be difficult for me to be consistent with exercise but implementing a morning and lunch routine have me moving twice a day. I made time for myself, got rid of my excuses, and found success by raising my standards.

These changes provide me the energy I need to practice self care. It also gave me time to spend with my family, work on my business, and volunteer for a non-profit. In my spare time, I am a volunteer team leader for Operation Underground Railroad. 

 The tools I have learned working in naturopathic medicine, my formal education, and life experience have given me the ability to reinvent my life while focusing on my health.

Does my story resonate with you?

 Are you sick of your own shit?

Are you ready to make BIG changes?

Maybe, you have tried to make changes without success and could benefit from outside encouragement & accountability. 


If you are ready to make lasting changes, I am here for you! 

Book a FREE 1-1 Discovery session with me to discuss your unique situation and find what program fits your needs. 

Working together, we will map out a plan to accomplish your goals by cultivating wellness habits,

These habits will create a routine that takes you to the next level! 

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Integrative Health
& Wellness Coach

Aromatherapist & Nutritionist

Content Creator

2008-2020: Medical Office Management in primary care Naturopathic Medicine

2009: Nursing Assistant Certification from Wenatchee Valley College

2011: Medical Assistant Certification from Wenatchee Valley College

2012: Health Coaching Certification from Integrative Institute for Nutrition

2013: Wenatchee World 30 Under 35 Recognition for community wellness advocacy and leading the March Against Monsanto

2014: Vibrant Health Alliance Continuing Education & Certification

2017: AYP Aerial Yoga Play Certification

2018: A.A.S Complementary & Alternative Medicine with Honors. This degree primary focus on certifications in aromatherapy, nutrition & herbalism

2020: Volunteer Team Leader for Operation Underground Railroad in Washington State


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I am a great listener, and very open to new ideas. My personal experience with hardships have taught me to be more compassionate & value of listening.

As your wellness consultant & health coach, I am dedicated to listening and helping you to identify blocks, goals, strengths, cultivate mental toughness, and create a plan for wellness. I meet you where YOU are at to help you meet your needs specifically.

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Ready to change your story?

Being consumed by emotions like grief and depression can stop us in our tracks. If you feel like you are sitting in the bottom of the wishing well without a ladder, I am throwing you a rope. 

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