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What Can I Do to Help You?

My goal is to inspire the fire within and help my clients to create a life of divine design using natural wellness techniques and integrative nutrition. 

This approach is increasing in popularity, but has yet to hit the mainstream. Please feel free to reach out with questions.

I am a great listener, and very open to new ideas. My personal experience with hardships have taught me to be more compassionate & value of listening.

As your wellness consultant & health coach, I am dedicated to listening and helping you to identify blocks, goals, strengths and create a plan for wellness. I meet you where YOU are at to help you meet your needs specifically.

I have over a decade experience working on the front lines of Naturopathic & Integrative Medicine.

My experience working as support to fantastic family and specialty Naturopathic physicians has provided me with the skill set to help my clients at a deeper level. I will work to help you connect the dots to make a wellness plan that fits your lifestyle and bio individuality.

I can help you to create a wellness team in addition to your plan if you are in need of more support. 

Finding a primary care provider that really understands, listens and is open to integrative or natural modalities can be very difficult. One of my specialties is connecting people to create a wellness team. I am committed to helping my clients get the help they need and will help you find resources for healing.

Need Advice?

Do you have a wellness question? The gauntlet of health can often be confusing. I am here to help answer your wellness questions and get you on a better path.

Healing through, chaos, grief & trauma

2008 VS 2018

As an Integrative Wellness Coach & Consultant, I teach women to transcend, navigate and heal despite emotional trauma. I have a lifetime of personal experience of mental health struggles. My story includes addictions, recovery, deep loss, grief, suicide and the sometimes uncertain, chaos of life.
These experiences combined with my education has provided me with the tools necessary to help others navigate difficulty and make lasting lifestyle changes.

The integrative wellness approach helps my clients heal at a deeper level with lifestyle intervention, implementation, and management of healthy rituals.

Together, we personalize our programs to work best for your individual needs & desired outcome. 

Lacy Watson

As a social media influencer, I am also known as Lacy Influx. I am an Integrative Wellness Consultant. I wear many hats as an expert in my field. I am a coach, consultant, content creator, educator, public speaker, influencer and lifelong student.

My goal is to help my clients navigate the complexities, chaos and uncertainty of life, providing them with integrative tools and routines for healing at a deep level.

 I am very passionate about integrative health, mental wellness & spiritual study for healing mind, body & soul. I follow the core principals of Naturopathic and Integrative Medicine, which has been my primary career focus for over the last decade. For 12 years, I worked in Naturopathic primary care as a medical assistant & office administrator. 

In addition to my field experience, I have my undergraduate degree in complementary and alternative medicine with focus on herbalism/aromatherapy, I completed my medical assistant certification at my local college and health coaching certification from the Integrative Institute for Nutrition.

 These tools have provided me the ability to reinvent my life & reset my health for a lifetime. Together, I work with my clients to embark or expand upon the journey of personal growth and development.  

In my personal life, I have faced many challenges, including tragic loss, drug addiction, loss of freedoms, and many other relatable challenges most “real” people face in this world. One of my unique strengths is meeting my client where they are at and understanding the challenges they face in making lasting changes. 

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If you are ready to make lasting changes, check out my programs- or book a private session with me. We will figure out what works best for you and work to shift habits to create a routine that takes you to the next level! 

Are you ready to Ignite the fire inside? 

Take the leap, join me today to LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE! 

Light Up Your Life

Ready to change your story?

Being consumed by emotions like grief and depression can stop us in our tracks. If you feel like you are sitting in the bottom of the wishing well without a ladder, I am throwing you a rope. 

Take action, download my “Find Your Zen: Mastering Meditation” Guide Today!


Integrative Health
& Wellness Expert Coach

Herbalist, Aromatherapist & Nutritionist

Content Creator, Educator & Public Speaker

2008-2020 Medical Office Management in primary care and adjunctive Naturopathic Medicine in the Wenatchee Valley

2009- Nursing Assistant Certification from Wenatchee Valley College

2011- Medical Assistant Certification from Wenatchee Valley College

2012- Health Coaching Certification from integrative Institute for Nutrition

2013- Wenatchee World 30 Under 35 Recognition for community wellness advocacy and leading the March Against Monsanto

2014- Vibrant Health Alliance Continuing Education & Certification

2017- AYP Aerial Yoga Play Certification

2018- A.A.S Complementary & Alternative Medicine with Honors. This degree primary focus on certifications in aromatherapy, nutrition & herbalism

2020- Reached 100 followers on YouTube after 1st month



What My Clients Say About Me

My clients are a community of diverse, motivated women who are excited to take their health & mental wellness to the next level! Through my work in my community, I have long standing alumni of wellness warriors! 

I have lost weight but even more importantly I have reach more than a few health goals! Lacy helped with meals, snacks, eating out and family inclusion. Thank you Lacy everything was wonderful, the yoga, the personal support, the daily posts and lives, personal meet ups, and dedication to health!
Cascadia M-Weaver


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